The Putting Away of Books and Notes

SAM_2646It’s that time of the year when we have to start looking for space to stash away kiddo’s notebooks, loose-leaf papers and textbooks he might not use again.

In the younger years, it was easier to discard things that I felt he would not need again while keeping what was important in collapsible file holders or boxes. It was easier for me to decide what to save, what to shred, what to donate or what to sell. But this year, I feel as if I need to save everything just in case some college admin person in kiddo’s future decides it is something s/he really needs to see in order to approve his application and/or grant him credit.

SAM_2643I ended up choosing see-through totes from Sterilite. One tote seems to be enough for about a year’s worth of kiddo’s texts and notes so a pack of four should hopefully last us three to four years. I then hit upon the idea to label the tote with kiddo’s class schedule from his online college account. At one glance I can tell the contents of the tote while also keeping track of what courses he did when (for example, the tote on the left has his schedule taped to the cover).

I have also started compiling his courses into a transcript. There are a number of great templates available through keyword search, made by the generous homeschoolers before us. The hs2coll yahoo group is one such place too (look in the files).

Being the nitpicky person I am, I eventually decided upon two templates and am using both until I see obvious benefits of choosing one over the other. Will post the templates at some point when I can!

I welcome your thoughts!

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