Happy 7th Birthday Adrian!


We will never know for sure when Adrian was born because he is a rescue. He came into our lives on December 15, 2012. Based on his dental health, our vet reckons he was born sometime in June 2008. So if that is true, then he is now seven years old. My darling second boy is seven. Oh, I wish he could live with us forever.

I can’t believe how much he has changed since he first came into our lives. He was so afraid, so untrusting in those first few days and only submitted to being petted when he was tired out and half asleep in his bagel bed. He was the littlest thing, so scrawny, covered in flaky dry skin on his rump with two deep bruises on either side of his flanks.

We were going to see a Corgi breeder that morning that we met him, but we took a chance upon seeing an adoption flyer and drove by our neighborhood Petco instead to consider taking home a rescue. There he was, the only dog who wasn’t barking and pawing at the fence to be petted. He was the only one crouched, terrified under a handler’s chair. All three of us lost our hearts to him at once. We knew instantly that we had found our pup.

They told us he was a year old when we first saw him, but one look at his grey beard and I knew he couldn’t be that young. He was so calm, shivering in fright and cold on that December morning but perhaps also sizing us up in turn.

Feeding him was such a challenge. I’ve had dogs before but they were so much hardier. With Adrian, I introduced foods very slowly in an attempt to fatten him up and reduce his itching. He was allergic to so many things…eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb…we don’t cook beef at home so it was the last meat I tried and thankfully, he could eat it without trouble. After more than a year of trial and error, I started to cook his food at home and he is looking so much better now. He is still a smelly little guy but smells so much less, his coat is so much glossier and his personality…oh, his personality…he takes turns between melting our hearts with love and ruling our roost with his constant and persistent requests for car rides and petting.

My sweet Adrian, my dear little shadow…you brighten every day of our lives with your pure, loving heart. It’s true that we can’t tell who rescued whom anymore. I wish you could understand what I mean when I hug you and tell you I love you so very much my brave, sweet boy.

Happy 7th birthday darling!

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