North Lake Tahoe Getaway

SAM_2883A snapshot of Carnelian Bay, taken from the pier off Gar Woods Grill.

What was supposed to be a July 26 – 29 trip started a day earlier on the 25th. We obviously needed a break and couldn’t wait till Sunday! 🙂 Instead of driving four hours to Tahoe, we spent a night in Sacramento, which thankfully, was quite right smack in the middle of our route. Bags, food, kites and Adrian (and his new, soft, green car bed) in tow, our old van groaned a little when we set off and was obviously relieved when we disembarked at our hotel in Sacto.

SAM_2839Adrian couldn’t get enough of the bed. He loves soft, clean, cottony places to bed down on and you usually can’t budge him from one when he’s found it. Here he is peeping out from under the covers. He refused to sleep anywhere else. He didn’t make a mess but still, I hope the hotel steam cleans their sheets. I think he was rather upset about having to be scooped up and out of this comfy space every morning to relieve himself, never mind that it was me who had to struggle down the stairs (the elevator was too far from our room) with him in my arms.

We drove to the King’s Beach area the next day. In the middle of the drive, on Hwy 80, we saw several exits shut off due to the fires raging in the Tahoe National Forest area (sadly, the fires still aren’t contained as I write this, but I think rain is expected there soon, fingers crossed).

The drive was so beautiful. It felt so good to just focus on the road and the music (Adrian must have Abba playing on long trips, otherwise he gets very antsy and whiny…he really likes Take a Chance on Me and Money, Money, Money but the very first strains of any Abba song will do to calm him down). It was sad to see Truckee River so dry when the last time we saw it a few years ago, there was a torrent of water gushing everywhere.

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon on July 26. DH had booked it online after realizing that it was right on the lakefront! Our suite opened up right to the lake with just a raised patio and a narrow strip of stony beach in between!


We had a really good time. It felt wonderful to leave behind thoughts of email and curriculum planning and the hundreds of daily other concerns that run through my mind. My phone wasn’t always connected to the web either so that was another excuse to just forget about using it! 😉

The first activity that made this trip one of the most memorable road trips for us is that kiddo agreed to go parasailing with his dad. He is quite afraid of heights and was nervous throughout the experience but he faced his fear and allowed himself to hang 800 feet above the lake strapped on to just a life jacket, harness and a few carabiners. I am so proud of him. No, I didn’t joined them but wimped out and waited with Adrian on the beach. My excuse is that they didn’t let dogs on board (hee hee). Luckily, the boat sped out of my sight or I might have worried way much more than I should have about the whole thing. Adrian kept me occupied by pretending he was top dog and warning off other hounds, who were more than double his size, from our picnic table area.


The second activity that I want to remember forever is our first summer-time glimpse of breathtaking Emerald Bay from the cliff-hugging road above. The first time we saw Emerald Bay was about five years ago when we were shivering during a snowstorm in the middle of a winter Tahoe trip. Most of the road was cordoned off and we couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous view. This trip, we took our time, got down to take snaps, and drank in the sheer beauty of the lake before driving back to King’s Beach.

It was a lovely trip but it felt good to come back home, rested and ready to face the coming fall semester. Adrian was so happy to be back that he just stared at our floors with a silly grin on his face (it’s possible that he was also just panting from the heat…our home was about 20 degrees warmer than the temps at the lake!).

Can’t wait to make another drive up, hopefully soon. Goodbye Tahoe! Stay blue, pretty lake and green, yonder hills. I feel like I left a little bit of my heart back there with you.

I welcome your thoughts!

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