Year 8 Begins!


If you count preschool in 2006, we have just started our 10th year of home schooling!

It has been such a privilege to carry on this long but I suspect that the thought of inching up in grade level is also contributing to my sudden need for late night chocolate. While my anxiety about what to learn grows less pronounced, my panic about his looming college years threatens to break free much more frequently than before. I find myself finishing said chocolate in fewer bites and wondering where the bar disappeared to.

He is following the community college route again for 8th grade and started his second year and fourth straight semester of courses on August 17. Once again, he has chosen four courses (this four-subject CC course load seems to be just right) and is taking a fifth (math) at home through MIT Open Courseware. (Yes, he loves that MIT t-shirt!) Community college math is just not sufficiently challenging any more.

He seems really excited by his course combination. Unlike previous years, he is pursuing more “arty” subjects this time, among them, Japanese and Literature. That’s right, my writing-hater is going to have to write in-class essays without help. (The very thought is sending more anxiety spikes down my spine but hey, some people just need to learn by jumping in with both feet!)

He had to give up Jazz in spring because his lab work for Mechanics (Physics) was taking up so much time, and although he had a private music teacher showing him some ropes for a few months, his piano skills began to rust from lack of practice. Thankfully, oh so thankfully, he is taking Jazz at the college again this semester and I am so happy to hear the strains of Thelonious Monk and Oliver Nelson once more permeating the air.

Here’s kiddo with Stolen Moments for our listening pleasure. Oh, I missed this so much!

Can’t wait to see what 8th grade brings. Wish us luck, dear reader!

I welcome your thoughts!

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