15-week-old Atticus Luis (for Atticus Finch and Jorge Luis Borges) is our brand new rescued puppy. He joined us on Apr 29, 2016 as younger brother to kiddo and Adrian.

We can only guess what he is. His foster mom says Atticus was born to either a dachshund or dachshund-mix mother. She thinks his father could be a pomeranian or pom-mix. Our vet says Atti is definitely of terrier and dachshund stock.

Well, whatever he is, he sure is a character! Very strong-willed but also sweet. And very smart. Adrian is busy teaching him, by example, the ropes of being house trained. Luckily, Atti came to us already crate-trained and sleeps through the night!

He and Adrian were initially kind of wary around each other but Adrian is just too sweet to be stand offish for long. They now play-fight, real-fight and give each other body shoves and kisses just like real-life brothers do. 🙂

Kiddo is of course, over the moon. He is so good with dogs and I had always wanted him to experience having a puppy (since Adrian came to us as an adult). Atticus seems to have a special spot for kiddo too.

I really wanted Adrian to have a canine companion for the days when we had to leave him at home on busy commutes. I’m so happy that he and Atti have each other.


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