8th Grade Ends


After years of being mistaken for a high schooler (due to height), kiddo is now officially done with middle school. 8th grade was his most challenging year yet (and only slightly due to academics). He learned so much in the way of time management and executive function, things I could not have taught him if we hadn’t made the academic decisions we did.

After his adventures with Irasshai in his younger years, he started learning Japanese formally at the community college (CC) in fall 2015. He was also introduced to the genius of Jorge Luis Borges (who quickly became one of his favorite authors) by an incredibly sweet lit professor, improved his grasp of music theory and improvisation, and started his addiction to the Art of Problem Solving-MIT Primes joint project, Crowd Math.

Since last fall, he followed the campaign trail of both Republicans and Democrats with much gusto and wrote about Kasich’s fundraising efforts for his political science assignment this spring, participated in three jazz concerts with his band, and chose to take two post-calculus level math courses, one of them an honors section at UC Berkeley.

Despite all that growth and learning, he is still my crazy, goofy boy, giggling over old videos of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and sneaking me his usual requests for more ice cream.

20160525_195320Seen here celebrating his last day of 8th grade with a mac and cheese dinner, followed by an ice cream cookie sandwich from Cream.

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