February 2017

So far, 2017 has in one fell swoop, dealt me both heartbreak and intense joy.

The heartbreak of betrayal, a different family dynamic, lower socioeconomic security, and becoming single again. The heartbreak of the tense political climate and what it means to the communities kiddo and I belong to and support.

At the same time, intense joy that I did not fail my child by homeschooling. That I was right to follow my gut and make the choices I did. And that through it all, we always chose love and laughter over burning midnight oils or pressure cooker learning styles.

In a few months, I expect that I will be a divorcee. And that kiddo will start college at kiddo’s first choice university (Yes, the wonderful, hardworking child received both an acceptance and a scholarship offer from a selective university! Still so humbled by it all!).

Funny how life deals you both roses and the thorns isn’t it? Soon, I will only be a mom and no longer a wife. Perhaps it is for the better. For now, I am hoping for strength. I am hoping to be surprised again by joy.


I welcome your thoughts!

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