A New Chapter Begins

I am now on the threshold of my eighth year of homeschooling (and sixth year of blogging at funschooling). The direction of our homeschooling, if I can still call it homeschooling, has changed quite drastically this year. From being his primary teacher at the beginning to outsourcing a lot of the learning via online classes at home in the past years, we are now pursuing brick and mortar classes, for his favorite subjects, at a local community college.

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And So, Grade 6 Ends!

How do I sum up our seventh year of homeschooling? So much has happened this year. Kiddo has grown tremendously in maturity and ability. And I feel like I am passing the reins on to him now. He is able to do much more than he ever has been executive function-wise, and I often find myself missing the little boy who was so dependent on me.

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Malaysia Trip (Dec 2013)

This time, unlike all of my previous trips, my semi-annual trip back to Kuala Lumpur was a solo effort and a short one too, spanning a little over a week. I left SFO on Dec 23rd, arrived in Changi a little past midnight on Christmas day (due to the 20-hour flight time plus time zone difference), then flew to KL the same day. I returned to SFO on January 1, so both my Christmas and New Year’s were spent on the plane. Continue reading “Malaysia Trip (Dec 2013)”